Wholesale Paint

Perth House PaintersWhen it comes to interior design and architecture, one of the most essential elements to add to the overall aesthetic value of any home or building is the choice of colours and paint types. If you plan on buying wholesale paint for less to use on your painting project, then you need not look any further…

Recommended Painters & Decorators WA is an industry-leader in residential, commercial, and industrial painting,; proudly servicing the Perth metropolitan as well as neighbouring areas in Western Australia. Other than the full-spectrum of painting, coating and surface cleaning we offer, we also provide great deals on the products that our team use for all our projects – exterior and interior, for whatever scale. Take advantage of our Wholesale Paint, and enjoy premium quality with great savings.

Different surfaces require different solutions, thus we offer Undercoats, Roof, Paver, Acrylic, Latex, Enamel (Oil Based), Acrylic-Enamel, Ceiling and Textured paints, and Stain Sealer. Oil-based and latex paints are available in various sheen levels: Gloss, Semi-Gloss (Low Sheen), Satin and Matte (Flat).

Painter Perth gives these important tips on choosing a sheen level:

  • Gloss and Semi-Gloss – having high light-reflective characteristics, these provide a shiny, bright look. This works best for highlighting railings, trims, mouldings and shutters. However, any wall or surface flaws and imperfections can be amplified wit this paint.
  • Satin and Matte – are often used for new constructions. Offering no reflectivity, they create a velvety look and feel that makes them ideal for hiding any flaw.

Among the 4 sheen types, designers and painters can usually find the right level to complement their choice of colours and achieve a specific look and texture. However, sheens can also be mixed together for a unique, customised feel.

Call or email us today for an obligation free quote on wholesale paint for your painting project. You can also take advantage of our Tinting and Colour Matching services at no extra charge.

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