Tricks for Getting Rid of Odours from Perth House Painters

Admittedly, we all love to stay inside a home that is clean and fresh looking — that is why we paint them. Nevertheless, most of us cannot tolerate paint odours. This is such a big deal with people because it is a health concern especially when there are kids involved.

On this, Perth house painters strongly recommend the use of low levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), paints with zero VOCs and finishes as this promotes healthy air inside the house. In addition, this contributes to reduced fumes and other harmful irritating odours.

What people do not know is that there are now available paints that are low-odour and even odourless for some applications. The bad news is that we still cannot totally avoid using the smelly stuff especially when repainting older homes.

Older homes need more of water sealants if their surfaces have been damaged. Alkyd or oil-based and shellac or alcohol primers are the very smelly of products but they are also effective in sealing water damage and old oil painted surfaces.

This is eventually upgraded to Latex top coats, which have the same irritating odour. Worse, they also have potentially long-lasting vapours. You can try any of the tricks below for getting rid of odours and see which of them works for you:

• Empty the room totally before painting so that nothing will trap odours.

• Keep all windows open throughout the entire painting process and until the paint has fully dried.

• Try adding vanilla to your alkyd, alcohol or shellac based paints.

• Spread bowls of onions around the area as they absorb odours.

• Seal and throw away all paint cans including drop sheets when the task is completed.

• Get another round of fresh onions, as the old ones must have been filled of vapours.

• Do not restore furniture and other belongings until the odours have gone.

Obviously, the abovementioned suggestions are meant for interior painting. There are other tricks applicable to exterior painting. However, whether inside or out, such simple ideas coupled with some good old fashioned common sense, should give you the fresh new look you’ve wanted all along.

Nonetheless, painter Perth suggests that you buy only from trusted painting companies that can help you make the right choice.

Happy painting!

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