Interior Painting Ideas for Your Home – Painter Perth Decorators

Interior painting is a cost-effective way to have a makeover to your home. A new coat of paint can do more than just colour a wall. It can create dramatic changes to a space and bring out a more pleasing atmosphere. Repaint your way to a trendier home design with these interior painting ideas you’ll surely love.


The bedroom is a sacred place for every homeowner. It is the room for retreat after a day’s work. Choosing the right colour for your bedroom can positively or negatively affect your good night’s sleep. Perth House Painters suggests relaxing and calming colours for the bedroom. Moreover, you can also use colours that reflect your personality.

Neutral is commonly used in bedrooms because it makes a space look bigger. Beige and grey convey a modern and urban feel. Meanwhile, shades of blue or green create a relaxing and calming atmosphere. Paint three walls with the same colour and make an accent wall using your favourite shade. This will add a stylish dimension and bring out your personality.

Living Room

The living room is a place for social interaction. Get the best impressions by creating a warm and cosy living room for your guests. Choose a colour that will lighten up the mood and enhance social conversations. Adding shades of orange to your living room will radiate warmth and happiness. Plus it relates well to social communication that will keep your guests talking and be entertained.

If you’re the type to add lots of home accessories in the living room, then neutral is the best backdrop for you. Browns, creams or greys — neutrals radiate a modern and luxurious feel to any space. Mix it with earth tones like greens and blues to add sophistication and warmth. Although they don’t enhance social communication, they can relieve everyday stress.


Kitchen is the heart of every home and perhaps the busiest area. Yellow tones can radiate cheerfulness but can be also irritating if used too much. The colour yellow can be used well with kitchen furniture. Mixing in shades of red will encourage appetite thus used in numerous fast food chains.

If you want to eat healthier, the green family can help you with that. According to Painter Perth Decorators, the presence of green in the kitchen can motivate a person to begin a healthy diet. It also lets you enjoy your meal more due to its relaxing effect. Furthermore, since green is the colour of nature, you’ll always remember to eat your veggies and fruits.

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