How to Find the Best Perth House Painters for Your Needs

How do you hire a painter when you are thinking of embarking on a home improvement project? You may have already prepared your budget and scheduled your day-off but still you are in a quandary as to whom you are delegating the job to.

Perth house painters are always your best bet when improving your home. Take heed of these simple tips below on how to find the best painter for your needs, such are:

Get referrals– The best ones come from friends, family members and neighbours who have experienced the services. You can also get information from experienced painting contractors, colour consultants and your friendly paint vendor.

Evaluate references personally– If you have three references from previous clients, you need to check on each of them, make a follow-up and if possible, visit each job site so you can evaluate the work and see how it has held up over time.

Request for written estimates– This should be in writing coming from at least three painting contractors. Get each of them to see the property together with you. The more specific and clear you are about what you expect, the more precise their respective estimates will be.

Think of the price and efficiency– Think about efficiency over and above the price. There is more to hiring an effective painter than just price. You have to consider a painter with a sense of professionalism and wide experience. In addition, a courteous worker with business like appearance will most likely be favoured than those who are not.

Review the Contract– Take time to review your contract carefully. See to it that it includes details like what would be painted, specific type of paints to be used for with regard to primers, colours, and sheens, the number of coats, cleanup procedures, project duration, and most importantly the schedule of payments and payment mode. Contract should include provisions for guarantees and warranties, in other words, what exactly is to be covered.

So, the next time you think of Perth painting your home, think only of professionals so you won’t needlessly waste your money and time.

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