How to Paint On Wallpaper from Perth House Painters

Homeowners know that a fresh coat is all you need to revitalize the look of your home including old furniture. It is not only simple but cost effective as well.

If you want to get the best results, take heed of the advice of Perth house painters. Learn simple tips of prepping a room and choosing the right paint. You also need to know the appropriate painting tools to use and steps in repairing cracks and holes.

There are a lot more you can learn from professional painters. If you are using wallpaper and you want a different colour, there is no need to remove them. You can actually paint over them — if you know how.

Nevertheless, if you remove those that had been on the walls for years, you might unexpectedly cause damage to the walls. If the adhesion is not failing yet, then there is no reason to invest time and effort in removing it before painting your walls.

On the other hand, leaving the wallpaper as such makes your walls stay in their current condition. It will make you paint immediately.

Any quality painting is a result of having a good surface preparation. When you have age-old wallpaper, it is better to add more adhesive to minimize it from falling off. Also, best to replace all damaged sections.

Seal all edges by adding a thin line of clear caulk around the perimeter of the walls, at the joint seam where the paper meets the floor and ceiling. This will minimize peeling of paper after painting.

Heavily textured paper needs to be covered with a thin coat of joint compound to make the surface smooth. It keeps the texture from showing through the paint. The seams of the wallpaper also need to be sanded so they are not too noticeable.

When all surfaces are done, apply a coat of oil-based primer to the entire surface of the walls before painting. This helps seal the adhesive within the paper and away from the moisture in the paint.

Now your wallpaper is ready for painting. This time, you can consult a painter in Perth about what paint colours are appropriate for your wallpaper. Enjoy your freshly painted room!

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