Colour Theme Ideas for a New Makeover

The most effective way to redesign your child’s room is to change the colour on the wall.  Whether you have a son or a daughter, there are so many designs that you can think and choose from.  It is just a matter of correct colour schemes to fit the characteristic and age level of your child.

Perth House Painters is a team of licensed professionals that will surely give you the best deal when it comes to painting.  They offer a wide variety of colours in different shades and guarantees that every dollar you spend is totally worth it.  Indeed, they are a big help when it comes to repainting your kid’s room.

There are so many trending themes that can be used when repainting a quarter.  Here are some tips that you could use when you decide to change the colour of the walls, such are:

If you’re still expecting for a baby, go for soft grey as the base of the wall.  It looks great and can match other hues like baby blue, pink and even yellow.  But if you want a more contemporary feel, you can match it up with bright shades like orange or green.

For younger boys, try using shades of coffee as it has a modern touch that can be paired with red or navy blue. Of course, pink will always be a favourite for little girls.  However, just use light pink and for an updated look, pair it up with purple or bright yellow accessories.

As for a teen’s room, the young lady can have turquoise since it’s a great colour trend and it will most likely go with hot pink and even red.  For the young man, go for silver, charcoal and white with a touch of orange for accent, since it has that a technology feel that they enjoy nowadays.

If you have chosen the design and colours you like, it’s time to call only the trusted painter in Perth.  Perth House Painters will not only give you the right men, but the tools they use are of high quality.  So, go ahead and set a schedule.  Give that room a makeover!

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