Painter Perth Teaches Sure-fire Way to Beautify a Centuries-old Staircase

Doing a home makeover isn’t easy especially when saving the life of a staircase that was built in the 1800s yet. You might think that only a professional painter can give justice to its facelift. But no, you’re absolutely wrong.

If you’re such an affectionate homeowner, you would like to do it all by yourself. Fortunately for you, Painter in Perth actually has a bright idea for a complete facelift of the said structure using only paint and wallpaper. Behold the final outlook – a Mexican-looking design with the wallpaper looking like real tiles!

Perth House Painters

With a very antiquated staircase which is desperately in need of a stunning makeover, one would really need the help of a pro. So how do you get things done fast? Here’s the bright idea:

1. Peel off the old rubber mats if the staircase has them on.

2. Prepare all the entire surfaces by smoothening them out.

3. Apply primer and then the paint colour of your choice.

4. To give it a bold pop of personality, paste wallpaper cut to fit the size of each riser.

5. Use white or clear paint or silicone caulk to go around the edges of the wallpaper and along the stringer.

6. Use your finger and lots of paper towels and a damp rag to remove excess caulk.

In case you’ve never heard of caulk before, it is a non-structural, physical compound that provides an airtight, watertight, or non-porous seal. Caulking is one of the several different processes to seal joints or seams in various structures and some types of piping.

Sounds easy, but remember to gather first all the materials and equipment you need before starting any painting. Consider consulting with a trusted contractor to know how to go about the job with less risk and minimal blunders if possible. Ask him how to properly blend paint colours for a harmonising look.

Any Perth painting job’s success lies in the correct surface preparation. In this case, doing a staircase is no different. To make it come out flat and clean, make sure to pull out staples and nails. Fill in the holes with joint compound. Sand all surfaces smooth, including the risers. Give us a call if you need help. We would be glad to be at your service.

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