Interior Painting Tips from the Experts

Anyone can paint a room. It can be a little intimidating at first, considering the amount of effort that will be put into it; but the reward after your hard work is truly worth it especially after seeing your home or a room with walls bursting with colours and life. It feels like a fresh new start. When done correctly and applied in a well-planned colour scheme, painting can even help in paying less for utilities.
These painting tips can help anyone achieve professional-quality results like any expert painter in Perth. All you need is a little patience, practice and some helpful advice. Painter Perth

Buying your supplies

In buying supplies, provide information, like what you’re painting and how big it is. Typically, a gallon of paint is equivalent to 400 square feet of coverage. Not unless you decided not to apply primer, non-primed surfaces would need even more painting. Buy paints in trusted painting companies like Painter Perth.

Surface Prep

Preparation is never a fun part in painting a house, but it is the most important. The key to professional-like finishes begins with a good surface preparation. No paint, regardless of its cost, colour or thickness will hide a pockmarked or cracked surface. That means you must sand, scrape any surface imperfections and fill every dent, hole or crack.


As mentioned above, priming provides better adhesion of the paint to the surface, making lots of coverage in fewer coats. It’s a good way to save money and help prevent or minimising future renovations. Priming is especially required if you are painting over a wall (external or internal) or changing the type of paint that will be used. Primer prevents rotting in wood and rust from metals. Furthermore, it keeps away stains and makes the coat resistant to weather.


Apply drop cloths or any covering big enough to cover the entire floor area. Gather your tools and paints in one area where it’s easily accessible for you. Plastic dropcloths provide an inexpensive way to protect floors and furnishings, but you’d be much better off investing in canvas. Canvas is extremely durable, absorbs paint drips, unlike plastic dropcloths, which become slippery when spattered with paint.

Extension Poles

Stepladders can be dangerous when paint is all over for it could get slippery. Rather, get yourself an extension pole for your paint roller. Extension poles come in various lengths; it can range between 18 and 36 inches. Look for one that has a soft, nonslip grip and a rigid metal core. Also, be sure the threaded end of the pole is metal. Plastic handles are too flexible, which makes them hard to control. Ask some helpful suggestions from dealer who’s reliable when it comes to Perth Painting.

Brush and roller storage

If you are done for the day, remove excess paint from bushes and rollers. Afterward, tightly wrap them in plastic food wrap. Place the wrapped brushes and roller sleeves in the refrigerator to keep them fresh. The next day, simply remove the gear from cold storage 30 minutes prior to painting and it’ll be supple and ready for use.

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