Discover Easy Ways of Paint Colour Matching

Paint colour matching is all about creating the exact paint mixture from a colour from an object, whether it be fabric, picture, interior design magazine, etc.  You may have just seen the best hue that you could integrate into your home painting project. Whatever shade it may be, there’s an exact paint formula for your needs. That’s the ultimate goal of colour matching services. Perth Painting

There are dozens of ways to get your desired colour match especially in these days of modern technology. But if you’re not yet tech- savvy, painter in Perth suggests the following methods:

  1. When it comes to planning a painting job, whether for something small as furniture or the entire house, there various areas to look for colour inspiration. Fabrics, paintings, photos magazines… wherever you have found the colour idea, bring it with you to have it matched. You can also just go to your nearest paint store to look at paint swatches.
  1. If you need paint to finish up your current project, you can bring the leftover paint whether dried up or not, to the paint store. Good if you still have the liquid paint so you can just create a paint swatch. Simply brush it out onto a piece of cardboard and this is what you can conveniently bring to the store. But if the paint has hardened inside the can, remove it mechanically. You can then bring this solid paint to your painter Perth colour matcher.
  1. Having the colour details and brand of paint you have in mind can also be helpful. It is important to have both because the same colours may appear slightly in different shades and tones depending on the manufacturer. Ask the store if they have such item filed in their computers. Most paint companies do cross matching to other brands and have those formulas stored and ready for duplication upon customer request.

Cross matching is your option when all else fail. You may like the colour of a certain brand but you don’t like the brand itself. Your colour match service provider can whip up just the right formula by matching your chosen colour in your brand choice. Our experts at Perth painting can do this – bring one colour strip of one paint company to another for the matching, just to satisfy our clients.

Of course, the above methods can’t assure you of a hundred percent success. If you really want the perfect match, why not call on us? Get to know the company trusted by so many. Check out our website

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