Choose Paint Colors That Boost the Market Value of Your Home

Are you planning to put your house up for sale? Increase the market value of your home by using the right interior colors. Anticipate what the buyer is going to say once he steps into your house. Does the paint still look freshly appealing? Are there no flaws on walls and surfaces? Because if this is the case, chances are, your house can be sold easily. First impressions are everything when it comes to selling homes. Any buyer would be interested to buy if your house is painted with colors that are livable and pleasing to the eye.

Here are some tips:

Exterior Colors
Perth house painters recommend painting your home in neutral colors. A neutral-colored palette, minus all the clutter provides potential buyers a chance to visualize their personal taste being implemented into the house. However, neutral colors don’t mean only the whites and beige’s. You can combine these with browns and even greens to highlight your home.

Surveys show that a huge percentage of house buyers prefer a white exterior. White is one of the safest and most popular colors for the exterior. Your house will look clean in white and can even make your house appear larger. But you should also be mindful of the colors in the landscape. There may be shrubs and trees around which you can use as a basis to buy paint that will harmonize with your landscape.

Roof Colors
Make sure the roof is in good condition. Otherwise, you need a replacement. A new roof is a major selling point. Usual roof colors are black and gray. But nowadays, people make exciting roof by painting it with red, green and blue. Should you need to replace it, choose good colors that complement the exterior. It would luckily catch the potential buyer’s eye. Why not consult Perth house painters on how to get the exact exterior colors?

Wall Colors
Beige, warm beiges and yellows are perfect options as wall color. These make a space look more impersonal and will be a come-on for a potential buyer. Neutralize the color palette throughout your home. Wallpaper can turn the buyer off.  Paint is your best bet.

Kitchen Colors
Keep the color in your kitchen neutral, soft and appealing. Orange, red and yellow look good in your kitchen.

Bathroom Colors
Bathrooms need light paints to make it look bigger. Dark color can give an impression of limited space. Walls can be kept in their yellows or tans. They can also be in harmony with the floor tiles. However, if you’re using hardwood then Perth house painters advise you to go for neutral tones.

Bedroom Colors
Bright colors are not necessary for bedrooms. Neutral colors work best since this is a resting place. Just make sure the colors harmonize with that of the flooring and also flow into the master bathroom. Bed and bath colors don’t necessarily have to be similar but basically must flow.

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